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I will make London a more equal city – Paddick

Posted by Paddick For Mayor on 1 May 2020 in Uncategorized

London Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Brian Paddick has declared that as Mayor he will make London a more equal city.

Brian Paddick said: “Inequality has been a way of life for too long in London. Some of the most deprived places in the United Kingdom are just a stone’s throw from the biggest financial centre in Europe.

“I don’t believe in placing a limit on people’s ambitions but I do believe in a floor beneath which people cannot be allowed to drop.

“That’s why, as Mayor, I will do everything in my power to make London a more equal city.

“I want to help London’s poorest workers, with targeted fare cuts to help those who travel early in the morning, work part-time or use buses instead of trains.

“I want a huge social house building programme to give every Londoner a decent and genuinely affordable place to live.

“And I want to end discrimination wherever I find it, whether it is in police stop and search tactics that unfairly target young black men or in the job market, where black and Asian Londoners find it so much harder than their white neighbours to get a decent job.”

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