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All Aboard – One Hour Bus Campaign Moves Up a Gear

Posted by Paddick For Mayor on 28 Mar 2020 in Uncategorized

Today Brian and I are boarding our first campaign bus together, and what better way to celebrate than using it to launch our great One Hour Bus Ticket policy.

We’ll be travelling round eight London boroughs informing residents that the Lib Dems are dedicated to targeting fare reductions at those Londoners who need them most. Our Fairer Fares package proposes six ways to save, one of which is a One Hour Bus Ticket that will allow people to hop-on and hop-off buses as many times as needed within one hour, paying only one single fare.

The scheme works successfully in several European cities ensuring that multiple journeys on one of the most popular forms of transport are kept as low as possible. From the moment an Oyster card is swiped on a reader , or a paper ticket is printed,  passengers would have 60 minutes in which to make additional journeys without any extra cost.




Our Fairer Fares package, including the One Hour Bus Ticket, is a realistic and fully costed proposal that shows we’re committed to keeping fares as low as possible, offering discounts for those who travel out of peak hours, bringing in a part time travelcard and ending the scandal of Oyster overcharging – sensible money saving policies.

The One Hour Bus Ticket would help the one in six passengers who use a second bus within 60 minutes of the first, and those who find their bus terminating short of its destination forcing them to pay again for the next bus.

In conjunction with our bus tour today, we will also be launching a One Hour Bus Ticket saver calculator on  where existing bus users can enter their current journey to discover how much they would save. This and our bus tour are great reasons for us all to get tweeting and see whether we can get the One Hour Bus Ticket trending.

To use the svaer calculator click on the following link http://www.brianpaddick.com/busticket




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