Elect Brian Paddick for London Mayor 2012


You Break It – You Fix It
Taking Rape Seriously

Fresh ideas for London

Safer streets
Many people want to help keep their streets safe but feel powerless to act on their own. Last summer, residents and shopkeepers joined together to protect their property and to clean up afterwards which shows the will is there - we need to nurture and develop it.

End racist Stop and Search
The police must focus on criminals and avoid targeting innocent people. Stopping and searching people just because they are black or asian destroys trust and wastes time that could be better spent targeting real criminals. If elected Mayor, Brian will take away the power to stop and search from any officers who misuse it. They will face re-training and disciplinary action.

London faces a very real housing crisis with 350,000 families on housing waiting lists and 400,000 children living in over-crowded accommodation. I am committed to a massive house building programme and providing the dedicated leadership that is long over-due on this issue. One of the things I would do to support this campaign is set up a new London Housing Company to match public land with private investment to help provide the homes London desperately needs. I would also introduce a London-wide Mayor’s kitemark for the private rental sector that would raise standards and tackle rogue landlords.

One hour bus ticket
A new one hour bus ticket should be introduced allowing passengers to hop on and hop off paying one single fare. You can already switch from Tube to Tube, so it makes sense to allow people to do the same with buses. In London 80 million bus journeys a year are made within an hour of another journey. One hour bus tickets already operate successfully in Paris, Rome and Brussels.

Earlybird fares
We would provide discounts for people who travel before 7.30am, to help some of the hardest pressed Londoners. Rewarding commuters who start their journeys before the morning rush would reduce the number of passengers on peak service in the mornings.

The London Liberal Democrats will be releasing more ideas in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we want to hear from you. Contact us and tell us your policy ideas or answer one of our surveys.

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